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Do you require implementation, assessment or employee training/remedial training for your Infor Datastream MP2 Maintenance Management Software?
If so, you have found the right website.
The owner is a maintenance electrical engineer that has many years experience implementing and training MP2 users in Healthcare, Manufacturing and other multiple industries. He is also a member of Maintenance Technology Magazine's Reader's Panel.
We insure that your PM program addresses TJC and ISO9000 codes. Our Task Instructions are simple or in-depth as your company requires. We insure that environmental issues are also adressed as task instructions.
Is MP2 giving you fits because someone else set the software up?
Was your MP2 system implemented without maintenance input or involvement. Is it a real strain on your manitenance technicians. This can result in a collection of data that is of little value to your maintenance operation and is typically more cumbersome to collect so; few go through the motions to input the information. Now system utilization falls off and spreadsheets or paper copies are used to supplement the true maintenance data needs.
Is all lost or doomed? Not at all, an assessment/evaluation of the system, in your working environment is required to identify the deficiencies and developed the necessary checklist to get healthy again. You’ve invested the time and money into your CMMS/EAM, maybe it’s time to ensure its giving you what you need.
Parker Technologies can review your total maintenance operation and determine if the MP2 program is controlling the data and work order performance correctly. We can train responsible personnel to properly operate the software. Give us a call or an email and we will discuss your problems.
Safety is a very important issue in today's  workplace.  We insure that your custom safety instructions are addressed and placed on Work Orders or PM Workbooks.
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