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New Work Order Form
We can provide you with your own customized Work Order form while retaining the familiar MP2 work order layout.
A big complaint among many users is that MP2 frequently uses a second page, for only one or two lines of text. This adds to paper waste and increased costs. If you generate a lot of work orders, removing this extra sheet will add up to savings.
This new product:
1.        Replaces the existing long form work order
2.        Installs in minutes
3.        Improves readability
4.        Features Work Order number, Assigned to, Task 
           Description and Equipment No. in larger font size
           for emphasis.
5.        Retains the familiar MP2 layout
6.        We can add your company logo
7.        Is very reasonably priced
8.        Other layouts are available.
We have several variations,  generally with a more compact layout, which leaves more space for Work Order Comments and Task Instructions.
For pricing, email us at and we will also digitally send you an example of this form.
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