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AC/DC Motor Repair
    Decision Trees
I created Motor Repair/Replacement Decision Tree Charts while analyzing data from the Department of Energy (DOE) Motormaster software program. The program is available from the DOE website to help you control your spare motor inventory.             
By using these charts (1 for AC Motors, 1 for DC motors), you can quickly determine whether your company should either repair or replace a motor. 
The charts also show you whether the purchase of a new energy-efficient motor is the cost-saving alternative to repairing the motor in-house or by a motor repair shop. Energy- eficient motors are the buzz word these days, but does it make financial sense to invest in them.
The charts are placed in a PDF file and will be emailed to you after payment. The cost is $10.00 USD 
When the PDF file is emailed to you, return the email and tell me who you are and what problems you have with your spare motor inventory. I am a maintenance electrical engineer, have probably seen it all and may offer suggestions to help you take charge of your inventory.
I am a member of Maintenance Technology's Reader Panel and contribute to the magazine regularly.
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